servoprax GmbH

w w w . s e r v o p r a x . c o m servoprax GmbH Am Marienbusch 9 46485 Wesel · Germany Phone +49 281 95283-0 Fax +49 281 53624 servoprax ® Ihr medizin-technischer Großhandel 1-Z1 17-555-7-0007-1710 SERVOCARE – Under this brand you can find various products in our Homecare, Bodycare and Wellness areas. Regardless of whether it is bath, toilet or family care, the premium products of SERVOCARE can be found everywhere. LIFEGUARD – our emergency products line has been setting new standards for more than 10 years. Whether it is respiration, immobilisation or disposables – Under this brand you will find high quality products to protect lives. MEDIWARE – a strong and established brand for all consumables. Whether you need protective wear, bandaging material and tapes or surgery products and alternative medicine like acupuncture – MEDIWARE will supply you. The brand with the extra value. SERVOCOMFORT – Furniture and equipment for doctor’s office, station and surgery. Attractive alternatives from servoprax. Our Brandnames